4 MARCH | 12:00 PM EST

Gamelearn presents the...


Event transformed into video game

Galens of Game-based Learning


Tediosites of Traditional Training

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Participate in this battle of the cosmos and discover...

Data insights featured from Gamelearn's

'Contradictions of Corporate Training 2021 report'

How to meet employee corporate training expectations while achieving the goals of the organization at the same time

Real game-based learning techniques to attract and engage employees vs. standard e-learning solutions and gamification gimmicks

Customizing training courses to incorporate real-life scenarios vs. teaching courses based on theory that don't apply to employee's day-to-day

New video game releases available on Gamelearn's platform vs. traditional formats and technologies used to teach skills

Learning Wars 2021 Hosts


Priscilla Villasenor

Country Manager


Rachel Ann Kreis

Marketing Director

And we are going to cover all of this in the only way that we know how... through a customized video game, just for you.